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Foorja's iDesigner is a home improvement design, sustainability, and financing automation platform driven by rapid energy analyses, financial optimization, and artificial intelligence algorithms that translate our team's deep domain expertise and experiences

The platform generates the best solution that maximizes the financial & sustainability benefits and the ROI (return on investment), for 20+ home systems (include windows, furnace, insulation, AC, solar, battery and water heater) and whole house retrofit


folks love the platform...

Clients and partners we have worked with to bring cutting edge home technologies & systems research to market include:

DOW, Honeywell, General Electric, US Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Pacific Gas & Electric, Sacramento Municipal Utilities Division, National Renewable Energy Lab, Itron, Meritage Homes, KB Homes, Pardee Homes, Owens Corning, World Bank

Global HVAC Manufacturer

"Love it! I think it can do wonders for our distribution network"

R&D Head, Trillion $ Consumer Tech Company

"The coolest thing at the International Home Builder's show"

Zero Energy Program Lead, Large U.S. Utility

"...this can really expedite & scale our Zero-Energy homes programs..."

COO, Multi-Million $ Solar Company

"This is a game changer!"

NREL (US National Research Lab)

" a Product, this is Perfect!...Awesome!"

Innovation Head, Multi-Million $ Strategy Consulting Firm

"Brilliant! Much Needed"

EVP, Home Financing Company

“What you have built is truly Amazing!”


powerful & unique features

Remote Assessment

Assess, benchmark and evaluate current home, remotely

Comprehensive: 20+ Home Systems

Analyze & disaggregate full home and 20+ systems to focus on high impact products; not just appliances

No Private Utility Data

Don't need yearly utility data. No need to compromise on privacy - getting access to home utility data or installing a ~$300 device

Solution Maximizes $ Benefits

Generate solution (detailed specifications) that maximize ROI & $ Benefits

Multiple Options Analyses

Generative design solution after analyses & financial optimization of hundreds of product options

Minutes Not Weeks

Profile, benchmarking & best solution in minutes, not after weeks/months of monitoring & analyses (today)


A.I. powered platform leverages extensive home technology expertise & experiences

FOORJA's proprietary and patent-pending platform 'iDesigner' is driven by multiple IP and is leaps ahead of the current solutions in the market

The A.I. driven platform is driven by full-home annual hourly energy analyses and financial optimization, smart data analytics of tens of thousands of home data-points, and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and trained machine learning models for over 5 Million US homes, that include learnings from decades of homes and home systems' monitoring data